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As an independent Sales Entrepreneur of Zermat USA Inc., I acknowledge and agree to abide the following policies and procedures:
A) I AM AN INDEPENDENT SALES ENTREPRENEUR and not an agent, partner legal representative or employee of Zermat USA Inc. or any of its subsidiaries I understand that I will not sponsor, support, administer, or use any websites unless previously authorized by The Company. B) I will make no statements or promises or engage in legal binding contracts in the name of Zermat USA Inc. I am not authorize and I will not incur in any debt expenses obligations or open any bank account with the name of the company I further agreed that has Independent Entrepreneur for Zermat USA Inc. I will not sponsor support administer or use any websites unless previously authorized by the company.
C) I agree that I will be solely responsible for paying all expenses Incurred by me including but not limited to travel, food, secretarial, office, long distance telephone and any other expenses. D) I agree to represent Zermat USA Inc. products, services and their compensation plan in a professional manner. I understand that I should control the form and means by which I operate has Zermat Independent Entrepreneur. I will make no claims about potential income earnings beyond what is the stated in Zermat official literature. I might not use, produce, create, publish, distribute or obtain literature, audios, trade names, service marks, logos from any source other than Zermat USA Inc. E) I agree to comply with the purchase and payment policies established by Zermat USA. In the remote event that any financial obligation is created with the company, I hereby authorize Zermat USA Inc. To apply any commissions or bonuses I may have earned through my activities has Independent Entrepreneur had payment of such obligations. I further agree that Zermat USA. Will not ship nor process any sales or orders until any and all outstanding balances are resolved. F) I acknowledge that Zermat USA Inc. sales system and model in the United States and Puerto Rico is limited exclusively for multilevel activities, and hereby agree has an independent consultant; to sell the company's products Directly to the end consumer, and will not sell, exhibit,
or promote its products in commercial establishments off any kind unless previously authorized by Zermat USA Inc. G) I agree that all sales aids such as printed material or trial packs are exclusively for promotional purposes for the independent consultant activities of Zermat USA Inc. and not for resale to the general public. H) The term of this agreement is one year from the date sign it, it will automatically renew annually on each anniversary date and will remain in effect until:
1) I cancel this agreement for a any reason at any time by giving righted notice to Zermat USA Inc. Bearing my original signature, printed name, address, and consultant ID number. Zermat USA Inc. Reserves the right to accept the process off re-enlists or any form off Re application, please referred to set Zermat USA Inc. Policies and procedures manual section 111. 1 b) Cancellations. 2) Zermat USA Inc. cancels this agreement upon written notice sent to my address set forth herein. I hereby agree that Zermat USA Inc. May execute this action at any time upon its sole discretion. 3) In the event of cancellation by Any off the parties. I agree to waive Any And all rights derived from this agreement. Including but not limited to property rights. Of my former down line organization and to any bonuses. Commission or other remunerations derived through the sales and other activities of my former down line organization.
I) I have carefully read and upon signing of this document agree to comply with Zermat USA Inc. Policies of procedures which in combination with the compensation plan, are implicitly incorporated into unmade part of these terms and conditions. I further understand that this agreement, the compensation plan and the policies and procedures manual can be amended from time to time, And agree that such amendments will be valid once made public by Zermat USA Inc. And will in turn supersede any previous agreement with Zermat USA Inc.
J) I may not assign any rights or delegate my duties under this agreement without the prior written consent of Zermat USA Inc. such action entitles the company to Terminate this agreement.
K) I acknowledge that Zermat USA Inc. respects my privacy and will not sell, share, distribute, or make available any of the information provided by me in this application. L) By the execution of this agreement I hereby authorize Zermat USA Inc. to use and or publish my name in promotional materials has it may deem appropriate from time to time. M)I understand that if I failed to comply with any terms and conditions of this agreement Zermat USA Inc. may at its discretion, terminate the agreement or impose corrective disciplinary actions, including but not limited to forfeiture off bonuses Or commissions, loss of all or part of my down line organization. N) To the extent permitted by law, all claims or disputes or any nature between current or former Independent Entrepreneur, which Zermat USA. Inc. Its officers, shareholders or employees, if not resolve my mutual agreement, shall be resolved by binding arbitration using and arbitrator or arbitrators mutually agreeable to the parties. If the parties are unable to agree upon arbitration, disputes may be settled legally under the laws and jurisdiction of Harris County in the state of Texas. To the extent permitted by law, the prevailing party in any proceeding (whether in arbitration or court or otherwise) between and independent consultant and Zermat USA Inc. it's officers shareholders or employees, shall be entitled to an award of attorneys’ fees and court costs.

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